Energy matters

As the world’s population approaches 9 billion people in 2040, we are challenged to help improve living standards everywhere. We expect that progress will be powered by human ingenuity and the energy that helps make better lives possible.

Report Feb. 2, 2018

Energy matters

Meeting energy demand safely, reliably and affordably – while also minimizing risks and environmental impacts – will require expanded trade and investment. It will require innovation and advanced technology. And it will require practical and robust solutions to meet the wide-ranging needs of individuals, businesses and governments.

Understanding the factors that drive the world’s energy needs – and likely solutions to meet those needs – is the mission of the Outlook. By sharing the Outlook with the public, we hope to broaden that understanding among individuals, businesses and governments. Energy matters to everyone, and we all play a role in shaping its future.

ExxonMobil is committed to doing our part. As one of the world’s premier technology companies, we are well-positioned to continue providing effective solutions to help meet the world’s energy needs while addressing the risks of climate change.

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Shareholder engagement on the future of energy and carbon

Earlier this year we published additional corporate disclosures on the risks climate change might pose to our company, including an analysis of what a 2-degree Celsius scenario might mean for our reserves and resources.

Outlook for Energy

Expanding the energy frontier in every direction

When it comes to new oil and gas discoveries, the map of the world is far from static. Tomorrow’s major energy producer may only be a minor player today, a trend that keeps the global flow of energy spinning like the needle on a compass.

Outlook for Energy

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Energy supply

What resources will be available to meet the world’s increasing demand for more energy? Technology advancements underpin the diversification of energy choices. 

Outlook for Energy

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Pursuing a 2°C pathway

Addressing the risks of climate change implies a variety of potential future pathways that would affect supply and use of energy across society. Advancing the application of cost-effective technology solutions will likely be critical to pursue a 2oC pathway, while helping keep energy reliable and affordable.

Outlook for Energy

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Energy demand

Global energy demand will continue to rise through 2040, reflecting its fundamental link to growing prosperity and better living standards for an increasing population worldwide.

Outlook for Energy

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Outlook for Energy