Energy and environment

Energy efficiency

ExxonMobil constantly strives to improve performance and streamline our processes in order to improve energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

Executing at scale

Deploying proven technology to reduce emissions

Technologies allow us to reduce, reuse and recycle energy throughout our operations. Running large upstream, refining and chemical operations to provide the products consumers rely upon generates tremendous amounts of excess heat. To ExxonMobil engineers, that lost heat offers opportunity.

With cogeneration we capture the waste heat and utilize it for our manufacturing processes, resulting in a reduced need for boilers, not to mention the fuel saving that goes with those boilers. Due to its inherent energy efficiency, the use of cogeneration leads to reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Our cogeneration facilities enable the avoidance of approximately 6 million metric tons per year of greenhouse gas emissions.

up to 75% less

carbon dioxide is produced from gas-fired cogeneration compared to coal-based power

~ 5,400 megawatts

of gross cogeneration capacity in more than 100 installations, which is equivalent to the annual electricity needs of 4.3 million U.S. homes
Energy factor

Producing power efficiently for our own operations

There’s nothing flashy about cogeneration, and in a hashtag environment, the term is rarely trending. But what cogeneration lacks in headline-grabbing cache, this emission-reducing technology makes up for by producing concrete results.
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